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Join us for Scion Collection this weekend!

Our annual scion exchange is approaching and we need your help!!!
Join an awesome group of hardy volunteers for scion/cutting collection at the
Home Orchard Society Arboretum.

Rain or Shine! Wear good outside gear. Bring pruning tools if you have them.

What’s a scion you ask?…it’s the young, one year old growth on a fruit tree that is cut off to be grafted to another tree or rootstock. The genetics of this scion determines what kind of fruit the tree will bear.

Please contact Tonia if you have further questions., 503-338-8479

250 varieties on a single apple tree!

Here’s an article about a man in England who has grafted 250 varieties of apples on his tree over the last 24 years!

Pretty amazing!

Apple Detective Searches for Extinct Varieties

HOS Board Members Joanie Cooper and Shaun Shepherd have been collaborating with a gentleman in Eastern Washington (Dave Benscoter) who’s been searching for lost apples. He sent them 4 boxes to look at this year and they spent many hours working on identifying them. Joanie & Shaun found 4-5 that they’re pretty sure are not known to exist and 3 or 4 more that are likely candidates but will require more scrutiny.

The Spokane-based television station KHQ featured Dave Benscoter on a newscast in late October.  Shaun & Joanie are the “testing facility” mentioned in the story.

Register today for HOS-NAFEX-CRG Conference!

Update 7/7/14: Registration has closed for the event.

Exactly 3 months from today, the “Big 3” of North American amateur fruit-growing organizations will be converging for what is sure to be an exciting and informative conference!

Representatives from HOS, NAFEX (North American Fruit Explorers), and CRG (California Rare Fruit Growers) will be providing three days of lectures, meetings, tours, and other activities!

Space is limited for many of the weekend’s events so register today!

Paw Paws growing on a tree. Photo from

Paw Paws growing on a tree. Photo from

Now is the time to order Fruit Sox!

Hello Pome Fruit lovers!

If you want to protect your pome fruits from Apple Maggot and Codling Moth, now is the time to order fruit sox!

Within the next month or so, you’ll want to do some fruit thinning and apply pest barriers so order your fruit sox while we’ve still got them in stock!

Apples with footies applied

HOS in The Register Guard

On March 23rd, Home Orchard Society (HOS) was mentioned in an article in The Register Guard, a Eugene, OR – based newspaper. The article is about the Annual Fruit Propagation Fair at Lane Community College.

Pome News editor Karen Tillou, HOS Board Member Shaun Shepherd, and HOS Member Nick Botner are all featured in the article.

HOS Featured on OPB TV

In case you missed it, we wanted to let you know that Home Orchard Society (HOS) was featured on OPB’s Oregon Field Guide TV program on November 7th, 2013!

This 9 minute episode, “Apple Detectives Try to Save Thousands of Varieties”,  features HOS Board Members Shaun Shepherd and Joanie Cooper, as well as HOS Member Nick Botner.

Please help us spread the word about HOS by sharing this link with your friends, family, and others who may be interested!

For those who would prefer to watch it on TV, this segment will be re-broadcast as part of a three-segment episode on OPB on May 1st at 8:30pm.

Photo by Vince Patton, OPB

Niedzwetzkana Apple at Nick Botner’s orchard. Photo by Vince Patton, OPB.