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Lime Sulfur, spraying cycle for scab...
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Author:  RB [ Thu May 05, 2005 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Lime Sulfur, spraying cycle for scab...

I have been doing some reading on scab, and the fungus which causes it. The cycle (of infestation) can be long, and knowing that, one might wish to spray more than once.

Does anyone have any info regarding ongoing spraying of lime sulfur to prevent the scab spores from "winning"?

I am assuming that we all know that you should not use lime sulfur above certain temperatures (some sites state different "degrees", so I am not listing that info here). Since the spores seem to only be a problem when excessive moisture is a problem, I suppose we could all assume that as temperatures reach the point where lime sulfur could be Phytoxic, the risk of infestation from spores is dropping dramatically.

That all being said, what experience have any/all of you had with lime sulfur? How often have you sprayed? Do you follow the directions, or do you pump up or reduce the concentration at certain times of year or fruit cycle?

And lastly, regarding dormant oil, when is the best time (or times) to spray that? I sprayed my trees this year just prior to buds breaking, on the earliest trees that needed protection from scab- pears, apples, plums- skipped cherries.

Should one do this in mid-late October, after leaf drop but before strong frosts, and then once again, before buds break, or is that overkill?

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