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 Portable tree fruit & tree character 
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Post Portable tree fruit & tree character
In search of a pefect sweet fruit garden ideas I have long tried a miniature peach as a novelty item (sweet, but questionable productive here) and a vigorous pear hybrid on quince C roots for productivity (good enough taste experience, grows like a weed here).

These small trees are about the right height of growing next to determinate tomatoes which I also grow. Moving onto the subject of doing better for my pear hybrid I would like to know and how to get better dwarf stock that won't sucker like the quince stock does? and know how big the new stock will make it?

P.S. The hybrid is a very reliable and vigorous seedling from ('Njiseiki' x 'Bartlet') cross, very precocious even when grafted on P. Betchfolia.

Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:13 am
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Post Pear Rooststock
There is really not a "dwarf" pear roottock that I am aware of. "Daarfing" yes but dwarf no. This is some info on OH x F 333 & Pyrodwarf rootstock.
OH x F 333 (Old Home Farmingdale 333)

Size: 20 to 28 feet (50 to 70% of standard)

Pedigree: ‘Old Home’ x “Farmingdale’ at Oregon State
Precocity: Productive
Anchorage: Well anchored
Fireblight: Resistant
Pear decline: Resistant
Hardiness: Cold tolerant to Zone 4
Suckering: None

• Selected to replace Province Quince as it is much more hardy.
• Does well on a variety of soils.
• Compatible to all known European pear cultivars with limited compatibility with Asian pears.
• Planting distance, 14-18 ft (4.3-5.5m) apart, 20 ft (56.1m) between rows.

Pyrodwarf® (US Patent #11,041)

Size: to 20 feet (about 50% smaller than OHxF 97) (50% of standard)

Pedigree: New Pyrus communis, ‘Old Home’ x ‘Bonne Luise’ cross-made in Geisenheim, Germany, in 1980
Precocity: Very precocious, starts bearing in the 2nd leaf
Fireblight: Moderate resistance
Suckering: None
Hardiness: Good winter cold hardiness

• There is no significant reduction of fruit size and the trees reach full bearing in 5 years.
• Planting distance, suggested, 9-12 ft (2.7-4.6m) apart, 12 ft (3.6m) between rows

Wed Apr 12, 2006 11:35 pm
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