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 Disinfecting Pruning Tools 
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I often read about how we should disinfect our pruing tools but rarely see any information about what to use and how effective a particular product is. Is there anything that is effective for all type of pathogens? How long and how often would it need to be applied? I'm wondering if there is anything that is effective against virus and fungi.

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Visit here for information on disinfecting pruning tools

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Searching "Disinfecting Pruning a," I found it suggested we 'disinfect' after every cut! Can you imagine the process of, say, a thousands cuts per tree - with a dozen trees to go? Ridiculous... I, if I remember to, will disinfect between trees of the same variety. Most of the time I'll bounce between a fig, an apple, a persimmon, a pear, a plum, an apple, a fig ... I assume the offending organism will be wiped off 'between trees' and not passed on to 'another apple' for instance.

I also find within the research that viruses can be spread by roots; and, bacteria can be spread by rain and insects...

I see it's advised we disinfect after cutting out an obviously diseased segment or branch of a tree; this makes sense to me.

Here are some solutions recommended by Marianne C. Ophardt, Washington State University Cooperative Extension Area Extension Agent - @ ... -prune.htm

Dip the blades of your tools in a bleach solution (one part bleach to nine parts water) for at least 15 seconds.
Other possible disinfectants include Lysol (regular Lysol containing o-phenyl-phenol and
o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol) diluted to 20 percent; denatured alcohol (available as shellac thinner); Listerine at full strength; rubbing alcohol of 70 percent, 91 percent, or 99 percent concentration, and Pine Sol (19.9 percent pine oil).
If viruses are the suspected disease, clean your tools by washing them with detergent to physically remove the virus and inactivate virus that may remain on the blades.
Be aware that the various disinfectants can be corrosive to the blades of your pruning tools, especially bleach and Pine Sol. Make sure to wash off all of the chemical used after the final disinfecting, allow the equipment to dry thoroughly, and then coat the metal parts with light oil or a silicone based spray.

A grafting buddy of mine uses aerosol "Lysol" between trees. He claims his large can lasts for years, as he sprays a dab on his hand pruners and grafting knife. I used Alcohol, but found it dissolves a plastic spray bottle's innards! So I'll remove the cap and dab some on a rag that I use to wipe my pruners and knife between trees. If I'm grafting a half dozen of the same variety (scions) of trees and rootstock - no need.

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