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 Persimmon Pollination 
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Post Persimmon Pollination
My wife convinced me to buy an American persimmon from a catalog place. It was a great deal, 2 for 1 special. Ok, so after planting them, I did a bit of research and found I need a male and female tree for pollination. I emailed the place I bought the tree and asked if they sent 2 because 1 was male and 1 was female for pollination. The reply was, "pollination requires 2 trees, since we sent 2, pollination will not be a problem". Is there anyway to tell without waiting a few years if I have male or female trees? Thanks.

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Wed Mar 01, 2006 7:28 pm

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Most American Persimmons are male or female; named varieties are usually female and require a male pollinizer. If the trees you ordered are just seedlings, you have a chance that one is female and one is might not know for a few years.

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Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:28 pm

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gkowen (don't we all :?: ) - here's a good site:

"Most American Persimmon trees are either male or female, but some are self-fertile."

"Seedlings planted in good soil and a sunny location can begin fruiting in about 6-8 years." [that's a long wait...]

"If you want larger fruit, and want to get it sooner, you can plant one of the named varieties sold by some large fruit tree nurseries. Selections include Meader, Ruby, Yates, Early Golden, and Pipher. Normally these are grafted plants, and they can begin producing a crop only three years after being planted. Note that self-fertile forms such as Meader may not produce viable seeds." [are yours Named Varieties?]

---Near the bottom of the page are 4 photos of "Diospyros virginiana" - you might compare the flower you get on either of your trees ... if and when they flower..?

My only experience with an American Persimmon was with the grafted variety "Meader." I'd say it fruited within 3 years, and I liked the smaller (than my Asian varieties) fruit - once soft! While working near the tree a good decade ago, a summer wind gust came up, nothing much, but I heard a 'snap.' My Meader had just lost a major branch! I continued working until another small gust - 'snap' - again! With that gust I'd looked over with time enough to watch it happen ... I walked over to what was left of my 5 / 6 year old tree, took hold of one of the remaining scaffold branches and said, "Snap!" ---and with a couple more 'snaps,' my Meader was history ~

So, whatever you end up with, they're extremely brittle - even more so than their Asian cousins! Good luck :wink:

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Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:08 pm
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