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My first ever treeeeeeee! Please can sb check my research?
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Author:  LucyAudley [ Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  My first ever treeeeeeee! Please can sb check my research?

OK, so as the title might make clear... I'm an imposter! I'm not growing a home orchard. Actually, I am planning on having 3 fruit trees in total, which is about the most I can cram into my small domestic garden! I have an old cooking apple which I love already in. I'm not sure of the variety, but it has lovely soft white fruits with a slight pinkish tinge. The additional trees that I am intending to plant are: an espalier apple up a large fence at the fairly sunny end of my garden (I live in Sheffield in the north of England, so 'sunny' is a relative term!), and a dwarf cherry tree in part sun part shade.

I have been reading up carefully on trees but the wealth of info is a bit panic-inducing for a newcomer! These are the first trees I've ever planted, so I'd really really like to check I've got it about right. Also, I do not have loads of cash, so this represents a considerable outlay of my budget for my first garden (I am growing lots of things from seed). If someone could just take a quick glance I would be so grateful!

* The espalier apple - I am looking at getting a Laxton's Fortune because I want something a bit unusual, though I can't find a supplier close to me so will have to mail order. But I went to an apple day recently and tasted one and it was really yummy! Also, I saw some beautiful espaliered Laxton's Fortune trees at a veg garden at Barnsley House at the weekend and was a bit inspired to give this variety a go by that. I was thinking of getting a maiden tree on MM106 rootstock and training it on. Would that work?

* The cherry - I am looking at a 2 year bare root bush trained Stella (because I would love an eating cherry that is self-fertile) and I need it fairly small, so Gisela 5 rootstock?? Would that be the one to get?

Thanks so much for being patient with me!

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