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 Graft didn't work 
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Post Graft didn't work
I had a Rogue Red Pear scion grafted to a quince at the 2010 event (Canby) and was planning on putting it into the ground this fall. The quince is doing well - the pear didn't sprout and appears quite dead. A question has come up that these two may not be compatible but I'm sure I read in your material that they would work together. In a perfect world I'd have another pear scion grafted to the quince as my goal was to have a small pear tree. Can anyone advise me what to do other than put it into the yard debris can? Thank you.

Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:20 pm

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Post Re: Graft didn't work
Bring it to the AAFS on October 15th or 16th in Canby. Show it to the grafters. Explain what happened and have them make another one for you for free. I have never heard of that type of pear. I would be very surprised if that one were graft-compatible with quince.
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Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:02 pm

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Post Re: Graft didn't work

At the 2010 ‘Spring Event’ you had a pear scion grafted to a quince rootstock? If so, it should have died shortly thereafter if the scion didn’t ‘take.’ Was this your scion (pear wood) or from the event table? And, was this a quince tree you’d brought in or a one-year quince rootstock purchased at the event?

It’s difficult to give advice without some of those questions answered…

If the quince tree / rootstock is alive and well it can be re-grafted with whatever you’re willing to have placed on it. But I cannot verify the compatibility of your above combination, though most older pear trees were grafted to quince rootstock. I’d actually reversed 'that' graft on my 95 year old Bartlett pear tree by grafting several quince to it 8)

I suspect it was either bad scion wood or a poor graft. And keep in mind, there will be no scion wood at our Fall Event (AAFS) in October …and our array of grafters will not assemble until next Spring :|

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Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:41 pm

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Post Re: Graft didn't work
Thank you for your replies.
I asked at the information desk at the Canby event last spring -- and per the advise I got and also reading some of the xeroxed material -- I picked up both parts (the quince stock and Red Rogue pear scion) at the tables then took them to the grafting room. It sounds as if I wouldn't be able to replace the combo at your event next weekend if you're not offering grafting.

I have recently run into someone who would like a quince tree so unless you have reason to advise that it wouldn't grow as it should (because of the graft attempt) I'll give the quince away. Thanks anyway, Gracie

Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:27 pm

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Post Re: Graft didn't work
Your friend might be dissapointed with this quince tree unless a selected cultivar is grafted to it. I'd be surprised if the quince used as rootstock are good for fruit.

After a few years of waiting for fruit, at least to me, the time is much more valuable than the initial expense and effort.

The reason there won't be grafting offered at the show next weekend is just because it isn't a good time to successfully graft.

Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:46 pm
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