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 Squirels eating apples 
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Post Squirels eating apples
I have a Granny Smith tree and it has been quite prolific. However, the last few years the squirels have been eating the tops before they get ripe and I have zero apples for myself. They cause the apples to fall and move on to the next apple leaving the ones on the ground to rot. I saw the post about puting socks on the apples and will try that. The squirels also eat many of the new buds. I was woundering if I could mix something like Tabasco Sauce with Neem Oil to spray on the tree to deter the bushy tailed rats. Anyone have ideas?

Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:17 pm

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Post Re: Squirels eating apples
They do have cages in which you can trap them. If you eat them, you're mostly eating your own fruit by another method.

I have a pet schnauzer. When my trees grow up, I'm going to let her run around and get some squirrel for lunch. At least scare them.
John S

Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:36 pm

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Post Re: Squirels eating apples
I've tried a lot of things to protect my gardens and fruit trees from squirrels. So far the only thing that's worked is catching them in Havahart traps and relocating them. Putting chicken/aviary wire cylinders around vegetables in containers, that also works...but trying something similar on fruit trees (metal cages around clusters of fruit) has only resulted in the cages (and fruit and branch/spur) being yanked off the tree and left on the ground. I've even tried dusting chile powder on some peaches...squirrels are supposed to hate it, and also don't like to walk on it. Didn't work for my squirrels.

I'm also about to order a small electric fence (battery operated) kit and will try to electrify individual trees at their bases (most of my trees are young and small). I'm planning to circle the tree with a low (24 inches or so) chicken wire fence and run an electric wire just above it. I'll ground the chicken wire and when the squirrel climbs up the chicken wire and reaches to the electric wire...he'll get the message. I've read that their tails will spin like a propeller when so stimulated.

Last year on one young peach tree with the fruit wrapped a plastic netting bags, there were zero peaches left for me. When the tree next to it ripened it's fruit, it had two Havahart traps at it's two weeks I caught eight squirrels and had every peach to myself.

Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:30 pm
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