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 Kaolin Clay 
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Post Kaolin Clay
Anyone using this product, Kaolin Clay? I just started this year. Sprayed the trees X3 and boy did they turn white!

So I have a couple of questions....

How often do you reapply Kaolin? I have read after a rain... or irrigation in Eastern Oregon. As long as the apples are covered they are protected, correct?

How long can you spray ? All summer? do I stop at some point?

Any other tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

dan or
Umatilla, oregon

Tue May 15, 2012 7:17 am

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Post Re: Kaolin Clay
I am guessing you are talking about protecting apples from codling moth, right?

There are several modes of action for kaolin. One of them is that it triggers an excessive grooming response from the pest and distracts it. Theoretically, it would seem that as long as there is kaolin on the surface of the fruit or the tree, then it should have some effect because I don't think kaolin would have a break-down "half-life" (like Spinosad) or a breakdown due to ultraviolet light. Kaolin, is after all, only an inert clay particle.

Having said that, I know in Western Oregon you would have to spray kaolin on a regular basis if you wanted crop protection.

Eastern Oregon? I would imagine you do not need to spray so often....but the truth is I don't know the answer and would like to know how often you need to spray. Would you be willing to find out and report back to us? Here's how I would go about finding out. I would call the Umatilla affiliate for the Oregon State Extension service and ask who is the Extension agent who works with sustainable agriculture and with organic growers of that area and see if you can talk to them. There is a phone number on this link:

There is an excellent chance that they would refer you to a master gardener......Sometimes master gardeners are good at hunting down the answer and sometimes you simply wish they would connect you with a professional extension agent......

If you can't locate anyone with the Oregon State extension service you might try emailing Todd Murray who works in Hood River, Washington nearby and see if he would be willing to field the question. I met him in Seattle and while he isn't working in this field right now, he might still field the question or at least know someone who would.

Todd Murray 509.427.3931

Wed May 16, 2012 6:47 pm

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Post Re: Kaolin Clay
Thanks for the information. I will be making a call to the extension agent.

I hope to have positive results to share in the fall about Kaolin Clay!

dan Or

Umatilla oregon

Fri May 18, 2012 7:08 am

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Post Re: Kaolin Clay
From the OSU extension agent in Milton Freewater >

You will unfortunately have to bag them to prevent codling moth completely. The clay only works if it covers the entire fruit surface which means you would have to spray every week to accommodate the expansion of the fruit.

dan or

Thu May 31, 2012 4:40 pm

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Post Re: Kaolin Clay
An update....

Kaolin Clay works... well not 100% but one heck of a lot better than without it. About 15-20 % of the apples were impacted with coddling moth. I believe some of it was related to starting too late with the coverage... about 3 weeks after petal drop. Galas are great, turned red despite the clay.

I would estimate that I sprayed the trees about every 2 weeks or less. With hand line irrigation, the clay washed off. Rain would not impact the coverage as much.

I have several trees that will mature later.... so I will update at a later date.

Dan OR

Umatilla, Or

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Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:43 am
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