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 Further adventures with peach leaf curl. 
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Post Further adventures with peach leaf curl.
I have a new and possibly related problem: one of the major limbs of a nectarine has developed wrinkled fruit and wilting leaves - the rest of the tree has no such symptoms and is developing fruit nicely. I read elsewhere that this may also be due to PLC fungus and I wonder if I should prune the infected branch?

Thanks for all your help.

Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:00 am

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I've just combed my 'favorite' book on disease: The Ortho Home Gardener's Problem Solver (adapted from the professional edition). I agree, it sounds like 'more' PLC, or Peach Leaf Curl.

Here's a decent description: ... 4/plc.html Which includes: "The disease may also occur on fruit, blossoms, and young twigs. Infected shoots appear stunted, swollen, and chlorotic. Diseased fruits show raised, wrinkled areas and often fall prematurely."

The Ortho book says: "Fruiting is poor, and the fruit that is present may be covered with raised, wrinkled, irregular lesions."

Unfortunately I don't see a recommendation for your current condition? As you know, and Ortho says: "Infected leaves cannot be cured. To prevent the recurrence of the disease next year, spray..." I don't find any recommendation to prune out the limb. Since it's on the 'outside' and not systemic, or 'inside,' it seems the proper sprays to prevent it could cure it later.

That's a tough one, and the very reason I took my nectarines and peaches out years ago (they're now figs and persimmons - with no such problems). The damage is done; if you spray with anything too powerful, like lime-sulfur you'd burn the leaves off. But if you don't disinfect that limb and fruit, it may spread...

What about removing the infected fruit, and leaves; give it a light spraying of, as Ortho suggests, "lime-sulfur or a fungicide containing chlorothalonil. If the disease has been severe in past years, spray in both fall and spring." …But we're still open to suggestions :?

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Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:26 pm

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Have you guys tried Serenade? It is sometimes available at WalMart.

I am planning on moving to preparing stock solutions of lime and copper to make my own bordeaux mixture on demand. Problem is, I cannot find cheap source of powdered copper sulfate hydrates. These seem to be more effective than what we can buy from the stores.

Here's a link on how to make them:

Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:25 pm
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