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 Earwigs and peaches 
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Post Earwigs and peaches
Anyone have any tips on dealing with earwig predation on fruit trees, especially peaches? Have heard that tanglefoot works---but wonder what's the best way to apply the sticky stuff?

Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:14 pm

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Jwitte; don't you get a bit of a thrill watching earwigs scramble out of a split peach pit? I do! They don't bite, heck, I rarely see them try to "pinch?" I don't know that I'd consider their life cycle to be that predatory toward fruit trees. Their numbers never seem that great and their damage is imperceptible to me? Don't they just hide-out under bark during the day and nibble on dead tissue during the night?
If your tree has no other means of approach (stakes, fencing, or tall grass), smearing "Tanglefoot" around the trunk makes a good bearer to ants, and maybe earwigs too. "My earwigs" seem to have established themselves so well under bark scales that they've become part of the enviroment. We just ignore them, but do get a kick watching others freak-out :shock: when finding one - but like so many of natures annoyances - they're equally afraid of us!

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Mon Feb 28, 2005 12:28 pm
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Well, earwigs in peaches don't sound like fun, but its interesting to note that in the Summer '04 Pome News, there is an article suggesting using earwigs to control aphids on fruit. :?

Here are a few links I found on the subject: ... 08-25.html

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Post earwigs
Earwigs weere first introduce to the US in Portland, OR. couildbe why we have a few.
Earwigs have a + an - effect in our plants.
First they are omivors like us, eath both plant and flesh. They will eat aphids and othe pestsand of course nibble on our fruit.
To keep them out of peach trees or where you do not want them the tangle foot will help. I use clay pots, with rope tied throug hthe drain hole, stuffed with straw or shredded news paper. Tie this in the tree where the earwigs are a pest. They are nocturanl and will bed down so to speak in your "earwig condo." Look insdie during day light, if earwigs are present move the condo to your roses, plums or other plants that have aphid probles.
You might even placethe earwig condo by the ocmpost pile, gather earwigs and place where you have problems.
My neigbors will wonder why the clay pots do not ring during a wind storm, this makes for great converation starters.

Best of Luck

Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:18 pm
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