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 Can I graft American Persimmon onto Kaki? Scion sources? 
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Post Can I graft American Persimmon onto Kaki? Scion sources?
Winter daydreaming.

My 2 year Saijo persimmon tree is 7 foot tall now. There are a couple young branches I could graft onto. Doing it now, would mean grafts attached fairly close to the developing trunk. I have grafted apples, pears, plums, and cherries, so maybe I could graft persimmon .

If I can find scion, I could add American persimmon branches to the Saijo. I could prune them to keep in check if they are too vigorous. Maybe the Saijo would have a dwarfing effect on the scion? The Saijo seems pretty vigorous already. I could also add a male variety to pollenize. I don't know if American can be grafted onto Asian. The tree is on D. lotus rootstock

It is OK if they take a few years to bear. I don't have room for another new tree. I am also hoping it will be precocious.

The 2nd question, same topic, is where would I get persimmon scion? I see Fedco has lots of apple and plum, but so far have not found a source for persimmon.

Thanks for your advice!

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Post Re: Can I graft American Persimmon onto Kaki? Scion sources
I’ve grafted Asian persimmon to American rootstock, so I don’t know why the reverse wouldn’t work. I agree that the American stock may be more vigorous, though you’ve answered that with ‘pruning.’ ...and I’m not sure of any dwarfing effect from the Asian.

With regard to pollination… guess you’d need that for most American varieties, with the Asians, you’d then get seeds :|

My experience with persimmon grafting is they ‘take’ slowly, and that’s been dormant season scion grafting. ...I’m not sure if Budding would be a better option ...assuming it were to get enough sunlight and the bark wasn’t too thick at your prefered location.

I brought some Asian persimmon sions to last years Propagation Fair, Fuyu. We’ve several members with American stock but I’m not sure if they’ll have, or bring any.

I’ve an Asian variety that’s rare, I’d have to look up it’s name... I plan to make it to ‘the fair’ this spring, but have a lot going on, and, this will be my last year at my orchard. I could snip a few sucker/ sions from this tree, it’s my favorite persimmon. It’s like a giant American, astringent till ripe, yet half the size of most Asian fruit, with more of an elongated shape, much like the ‘wild American persimmons’ my mother remembers from the Midwest… Personally, a couple of branches of that on an Asian would be an excellent combination.

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Post Re: Can I graft American Persimmon onto Kaki? Scion sources
As I recall, you can graft American onto Asian persimmon. I have planned to do that. American persimmons are brittle, so my thought would be to use the Asian as the base, and then be able to graft a few varieties of Americans, to see which I like the best. It's a work in progress.

I think people overthink the whole "American persimmons make a large tree" thing. The trees don't grow very fast, especially here in the wet PNW, where it's not hot and humid all night during the summer , like their native territory. There is this thing called pruning, and if you can do it every 3-4 years, you can keep your tree under control.

This place sells AM. PErsimmon scion wood.

Most of the scion exchanges for persimmon are trades. Check out Northern nut growers scion swap.
If all else fail and as we get closer to the FPF scion exchange, email me. There's a possibility that I can check my tree and see if I can spare a bit. More likely, contact me at the budding workshop in early August, because you don't need as much of the tree. Like I said, they grow slowly.
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Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:14 pm
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