Fruit Sox

Organic prevention of Apple Maggot and Codling Moth damage!

As my girlfriend was trying on shoes and I was doing my impersonation of a pink flamingo, standing on one leg then the other, I noticed something. She was putting on disposable nylon foot sox. I thought, if it could cover feet, why not an apple. More on the idea…

Results from the first year of testing and How to Use…

Fruit Sox with Surround®

Nylon Footies Without Surround® = No apple maggots but plenty of codling moths
Surround® + Nylon Footies = No codling moth infestation

More about improving coddling moth protection…

We are no longer selling fruit socks for the 2017 growing season. We will begin selling fruit socks for the 2018 growing season in January of 2018.

Thank you.