General Maintenance, Gardens Good time to plant bare–root trees and plants if soil not frozen Good time to purchase winter … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Good time to repair and build trellises, arbors and other plant supports Control lawn moss with … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Plant cool season crops, lettuce, cabbage, onions, kale, chard, If soil is workable (i.e., form ball … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens This month ends bare root planting season Don’t use organic mulches until soil has warmed (early … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Wait until after May 15-20 to plant warm season crops and annuals Protect warm season crops … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Thin seedlings, so that leaves do not overlap, after final thinning root crops should be at … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Fertilize container plants often, with a slow release or organic fertilizer like fish fertilizer, recommend 25-50% … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Record harvest dates Root cuttings of broad–leaf evergreen shrubs Plant seeds of perennials, biennials and hardy … Continue reading


General Maintenance Of Gardens Slug patrol; as the fall rains start the slugs will appear, each one you get rid … Continue reading


Keep harvesting, watering if needed and cleaning up Collect and destroy fruit drops daily Rake up and compost leaves Plant, … Continue reading


Harvest all fruit; do not leave mummies in trees Continue to rake and compost leaves Destroy all diseased fruit Cultivate … Continue reading


Rhubarb clumps can be dug and divided, suggest once every 5 years Turn compost pile, cover to prevent leaching Apply … Continue reading