Quince samples at the All About Fruit Show

Join us at the 2015 All About Fruit Show!!!

It’s that time of year again! Join us for Home Orchard Society’s annual All About Fruit Show! Saturday October 17th & Sunday October 18th 10am – 4pm Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Main Pavilion 694 NE 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013 Parking is free * See and taste over 500 varieties of heirloom fruit! * Large Fruit Contest! *Speakers will present on…

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Order your fruit sox today!

Hey folks! Spring is here and little fruitlets are growing on the trees! That means it’s time to order your fruit sox. Haven’t heard of fruit sox before? Read more here and order yours today!

All About the Apple Called Yellow Bellflower

Mystery surrounds this apple, for no one knew or remembered when it originated but “Coxe” reported in 1817 “The original tree at Burlington, N. J. was large and old.” There is no doubt that it was an old colonial fruit. The ‘Yellow Bellflower’ was always called ‘Belle Fleur’ by the French because of its beauty in blossom. This large, handsome,…

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Pollinizing Jonagold

Some areas of the world such as England, the Benelux countries, and Eastern United States have had considerable experience with these apple varieties having three sets of 17 chromosomes (51 total), triploids. Unlike the more common diploid (two sets of chromosomes, 34 total), these triploids produced much bad pollen and many defective ovules; however, for nearly 300 years they have…

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Footie Update: Improving Coddling Moth Protection

Surround®, a white, odorless kaolin clay, is used as a deterrent for pests and diseases on fruit trees. Kaolin acts as a physical barrier preventing insects from reaching vulnerable plant tissue. It acts as a repellent by creating an unsuitable surface for feeding or egg-laying. The uniform white film may also disrupt the insect’s host- finding capability by masking the…

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Insect Barrier

As my girl friend was trying on shoes and I was doing my impersonation of a pink flamingo, standing on one leg then the other, I noticed something. She was putting on disposable nylon foot sox. I thought, if it could cover feet, why not an apple. I asked the clerk if I could have some of the nylon foot…

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Estimated Tree Vigor for Apple Varieties

Many factors enter into the equation to determine tree size: rootstock, soil fertility, growth habit, and vigor.   HOS has printed much information on rootstocks and this is readily available. Soil fertility is a variable that must be taken into consideration, but each growth site is different. Growth habit deals with growing upright or spreading, spur or tip fruit bearing….

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Self Fertile Apples

While answering questions about rootstock at the HOS Spring Event, several people asked if they could have but one apple tree. I thought I knew of a few apple trees that were self-fertile. So I went to the literature and much to my surprise, I found that there are more than a “few” self-fertile apples. The self-fertile varieties will set…

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