Quince samples at the All About Fruit Show

Join us at the 2015 All About Fruit Show!!!

It’s that time of year again! Join us for Home Orchard Society’s annual All About Fruit Show! Saturday October 17th & Sunday October 18th 10am – 4pm Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Main Pavilion 694 NE 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013 Parking is free * See and taste over 500 varieties of heirloom fruit! * Large Fruit Contest! *Speakers will present on…

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383 Year Old Pear Tree Alive and Well

Read about one of the first fruit trees planted by settlers in America: (external site) http://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/first-fruit-tree-planted-america-still-alive-and-well-age-383.html

In Praise of the Tripod Orchard Ladder

I know you’ve seen them, and have likely used one, but do you own a Tripod Orchard Ladder? My first memory of such a ladder is that of my Father climbing a tall 3-legged Wooden Monster at a U-pick cherry orchard. He’d toss down fat black Bings to us kids scrambling below. My frst climbing experience with such a contraption…

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Box Elder Bugs

Joanie Cooper has been bugging me for some time to find a way to control box elder bugs. These are the ones with the red edge to their wings and which congregate in the fall around most buildings. Note color of the building they migrate to and then paint some old plywood, poster board or similar material with a similar…

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Are your Seedlings too Tall?

If you raise plants from seed indoors, you may often find that they are tall and spindly. There are a couple things you can do if your plants are this way. One reason may be the lack of adequate light. If possible, increase the lighting. Another reason is that the seedlings are sheltered and do not receive the buffeting effect…

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Black Currants

It’s good to have black currants growing in your back garden because they are so versatile for desserts and meat sauces, jams, jellies, juice and liqueur. The fruit has great color and tangy flavor and is an excellent source of vitamin C (4 times that of citrus or blueberries) and antioxidants. Black currants are best cooked either in the microwave…

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Clay Pot Irrigation

Last year an HOS friend, Wilma McNulty, gave me a photocopy of an article on clay pot irrigation that appeared in the Pome News some years ago. It was adapted FROM additions by Ted Swensen for Pome News. David Bainbridge of the University of California tried a variation on an old irrigation method he found in a 2,100-yearold text, Fan…

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Larry McGraw, HOS Founder & Friend

On January 29, 2005, Larry McGraw passed away at the age of 82, at Keizer, Oregon, after several years of battling cancer. Born in Huntington, Oregon, Larry was the eldest of 14 children. After graduating from Wallowa High School, he joined the Air Force and served as a B-24 belly gunner in World War II and later in the Korean…

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