Growing Fruit Tree Knowledge with HOS

Orchard People visited the Portland area in March 2015 and took some video footage. Below is the promo video they put together about Home Orchard Society. Enjoy!

Growing Apples in the Tropics

Growing Apples in the Tropics? Really? With climate change, temperatures are getting hotter and hotter. Might be worthwhile to start considering a wider variety of fruits that can be grown here in the Pacific Northwest. Or it may be time to think about adjustments to how we grow our fruit trees. You may be interested in this article about growing…

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Learn about “Step-Over” Apple Trees!

Check it out! Home Orchard Society’s Arboretum Manager, Tonia, talks about “step-over” apple trees. Learn about this great way to minimize use of space while still growing apples at home! Thanks to Orchard People for this video!  

Fruits of Diversity

April is Community Orchards Month!

In celebration of community orchards and publicly accessible fruit trees everywhere, come out to your local community orchard event in April. Over the course of the month we will be cleaning up the orchard, prepping new beds, planting beneficial-attracting under-story and new berry bushes, and getting started on fruit thinning. Community Orchards Month was created by Portland Fruit Tree Project…

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Help HOS thrive, join a committee!

HELP & LEARN Choice Committee Assignments Now Available! Help HOS and learn at the same time.   We’ve created new Committees to ensure our continued success and to better serve the home orchardist. Volunteer on one or more of these exciting Committees and enjoy making new friends and learning about growing fruit in our region! Please let us know on which…

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Join us for the 41st Annual Fruit Propagation Fair

Join us for the 41st Annual Fruit Propagation Fair!       Sunday March 20th, 10am – 4pm Clackamas County Fairgrounds – 694 NE 4th Ave, Canby, OR This event will be held at the main pavilion at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. In a few short hours, we’ll sell hundreds of rootstocks, give away thousands of scions, graft untold numbers of trees, complete…

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Mason Bee Alert!!

There is a very severe threat to our Mason Bee populations, Chalk Brood. According to the USDA Agricultural Research Service there is very little known about the actual fungus in the genus Ascosphaera that attacks the Blue Orchard Mason Bee, Osmia lignaria. What we do know is that it is highly contagious and deadly, it can wipe out your entire…

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The 2015/16 Mason Bee shipping season starts December 7th!!!

Welcome to another winter season of mason bee supplies! Our sale/shipping season begins on December 7th 2015, and runs until our supplies run out! We have had high sales in previous years and run out of merchandise, so please consider ordering early in December or January to beat the rush. Remember: We do not accept pre-orders, nor is there a…

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