Mason Bee Supplies

Update: November 19, 2015. Online ordering for Mason Bees will begin the week of December 7th. Please check back at that time to place your orders

Welcome to another winter season of mason bee supplies! Our sale/ shipping season for bees begins on December 7th, 2015, and runs until our supplies run out! We have had high sales in previous years and run out of merchandise, so please consider ordering early in December or January to beat the rush.

Remember: We do not accept pre-orders, nor is there a waiting list before the start of the shipping season

California residents mustĀ provide us with a copy of your mason bee permit beforeĀ we can process your order. You must file form 66-026 with the California Department of Agriculture. Applications are available online at:

Again this shipping season, we will be limiting the number of tubes of bees for sale to any one customer to 25 tubes to ensure that the most people can get a population of bees going. If you are used to buying lots of bees to replace normal honeybee pollination on a commercial farm, please consider buying a larger number of empty tubes from us, and start building your own population rather than buying new bees each year.

We won’t be offering PVC houses for local sale this year again. Check out the DIY building instructions at the end of the all-in-one order form for how to build the PVC houses yourself!

Please note: All shipping will be USPS priority mail unless otherwise arranged via email prior to your order.

Never use old order forms – This year we will be accepting on-line orders ONLY. If you have any questions or concerns about the shipping totals, please send an email to

As demand for mason bees rises, we are always looking for new bee suppliers in the Portland, OR metro area. Are you a mason bee enthusiast with bee houses that are overflowing with bees? Please contact us!

Have a great winter, and remember, We’ll be off for the Christmas holidays, but we’ll call you back after New Years!

Tonia Lordy
HOS Mason Bee Sales