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We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to educating our members and the general public about growing good fruit at home.

For many years, a group of our members have been spending their spare time raising mason bees to sell to other backyard fruit growers. Currently, at nine different sites around Portland and the North Willamette valley, members set out new tubes every spring to increase their mason bee populations, making it possible to sell full tubes to others. These bees are home-grown, adapted to the Pacific northwest climate, and extremely hardy.

If you are interested in ordering from us, please take a moment to read these guidelines

California Residents

California residents are now required to have a permit to raise mason bees. We CANNOT process your order without receiving a copy of your permit with your order form. Applications for CA mason bee permits are available online at:

Please mail your permit to:

Home Orchard Society
PO Box 607
Oregon City, OR 97045

Or scan and email to:

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Please note that we will only be shipping within the United States this year, and will not be shipping to Canada. All mason bee supplies are non-refundable. We do our best to sort and inspect our cocoons, however it is possible that you may receive a few bees that are not true Blue Orchard mason bees, there may be a few leaf cutter and or hornfaced mason bees (both are excellent pollinators) in your package.