Welcome to the Home Orchard Society 1975-2020

The Home Orchard Society was established in 1975 as a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to assisting both novice and expert fruit growers, preserving heirloom fruit varieties, and promoting the science, culture, and pleasure of growing fruit at home. Our original 59 charter members grew into this nonprofit, educational and self-help organization that at one point had well over 700 members scattered worldwide. The vision of “growing good fruit at home” has taken root.

The Home Orchard Society served the Pacific NW community and beyond by providing accessible resources and hosting learning events for fruit growers of all skill levels. The work of Home Orchard Society preserved disappearing heirloom fruit varieties, and shared the history, culture and heritage of the Pacific NW’s 19th and 20th century pioneer orchards.

The Home Orchard Society concluded operations on December 31, 2020 – closing out a 45 year history. The Board greatly appreciates those who have contributed to the success of HOS over the years. Please continue the tradition of sharing your knowledge and skills with your community and other organizations. This website has been archived for historical purposes and may only occasionally be updated. The forum community will continue at https://forums.homeorchardsociety.org/