About HOS

Mission Statement

The Home Orchard Society promotes the science, culture and pleasure of growing fruit at home via educational outreach and assistance. The Home Orchard Society serves the Pacific NW community and beyond by providing accessible resources and hosting learning events for fruit growers of all skill levels. The Home Orchard Society endeavors to preserve disappearing heirloom fruit varieties, perpetuating the history, culture and heritage of the Pacific NW’s 19th and 20th century pioneer orchards.

Benefits of the Home Orchard Society

HOS Arboretum

Education in Progress. Learn at the Home Orchard Society’s demonstration ¬†orchard, almost two acres of edible landscape showcasing old and new fruit varieties, training techniques, plant combinations, pest control, and more. The Home Orchard Society Arboretum is conveniently located on the Clackamas Community College campus with more than adequate parking and easy to reach by Portland’s TriMet bus lines. The Arboretum is open to the public.


Education in Person. The Home Orchard Society’s Fruit Propagation Fair takes place on a Sunday in March every year. In a few short hours, our volunteers give away thousands of scions, sell rootstock varieties that grow well in our northwest climate, and graft hundreds of trees for attendees. Meet and speak to experts , make friends, and learn to grow good fruit. The Home Orchard Society’s All About Fruit Show takes place on a weekend in October. Volunteers provide tastes of hundreds and hundreds of varieties of locally grown seasonal fruit – apples, pears, grapes, figs, persimmons, kiwis, plums, pawpaws, quinces, and many unusual fruits. It will take your breath away. See our Events Page for more details on these and other annual Home Orchard Society events.

The Pome News

Education at Home. The Home Orchard Society’s 50-page quarterly newsletter offers articles on practical aspects of growing fruit, the current season’s garden calendar, recipes, specific technical advice for your orchard’s success and many other helpful tips and tricks not on our website. This publication is available to our members.

Home Orchard & Garden Tours

Education on Tour. Summer tours of Home Orchard Society members’ gardens and orchards offer a plethora of ideas on edible landscaping. Each home orchard showcases the gardener’s personality, interests and strengths. Other tours may include visits to the Corvallis Germplasm Repository and other interesting and educational sites to advance your fruiting knowledge. Open for our members.


Education One-on-One. Obtain specific answers to your fruit-growing questions from the knowledgeable growers around the world and even in your area.

Books and Bulletins

Education in Your Hand. Purchase Home Orchard Society publications and many horticulture books at discounted prices.