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Spring Plant Availability

Plant sales are available for PICK UP only.  We cannot ship plants. We will set up an appointment once the order is received via email. Payment is due at pick-up check or cash only.

Scientific Common Size Quantity Cost
Vitis lambrusca Glenora Seedless Grape 1 gallon 2 $10
Vitis lambrusca Catawba Red Seeded Grape 1 gallon 6 $10
Vitis lambrusca Vanessa Seedless Grape 1 gallon 5 $10
Ribes rubrum Red Currant “Cherry Red” 1 gallon 2 $7
Ribes rubrum Red Currant “Wilder” 1 gallon 4 $7
Sambucus canadensis Elderberry “York” varies 2 $10
Quince Bobev’s Triumph quince 1 $15
Quince Van Damen quince 1 $15
Asian pear Huhoot Li Betulifolia (Bet) 1 $15
Asian pear Jilin Market OHxF 333 5 $15
Asian pear Jilin Market Bet 7 $15
Asian pear Seuri Li Bet 2 $15
Asian pear Tarusa Crimson OHxF 333 2 $15
European pear Aurora OHxF 87 2 $15
European pear Bartlett OHxF 87 3 $15
European pear Colette Quince 1 $15
European pear Jubliana OHxF 333 2 $15
European pear June Sugar OHxF 87 2 $15
European pear Orcas OHxF 87 3 $15
European pear Porporata OHxF 333 1 $15
European pear Red Clapps OHxF 87 2 $15
European pear Red Pear (perry pear) OHxF 87 3 $15
European pear Red Sensation Bartlett OHxF 87 2 $15
European pear Rescue OHxF 87 4 $15
European pear Starking Delicious OHxF 87 2 $15
European pear Ubileen OHxF 87 2 $15
Apple Allen’s Everlasting M27 1 $15
Apple Blushing Golden Nic 29 1 $15
  Blushing Golden M26 3 $15
Apple Co-op 24 M9 2 $15
Apple Elstar M7 2 $15
Apple Erwin Bauer M27 2 $15
Apple Freyburg M7 1 $15
Apple Foster Crab M7 2 $15
Apple Gold Rush M27 5 $15
  Gold Rush M9 13 $15
  Gold Rush M26 4 $15
Apple Golden Russet M27 3 $15
  Golden Russet M26 3 $15
  Golden Russet M7 2 $15
Apple Golden Supreme Nic 29 1 $15
Apple Golden Winesap M7 1 $15
Apple Hawaii M9 2 $15
Apple Holstein M26 1 $15
Apple Hudson’s Golden Gem M27 4 $15
  Hudson’s Golden Gem M9 2 $15
  Hudson’s Golden Gem Bud 9 6 $15
  Hudson’s Golden Gem M26 3 $15
Apple King M27 3 $15
  King M9 5 $15
Apple Katja M27 1 $15
  Katja M9 1 $15
Apple Liberty Nic 29 2 $15
Apple Macoun M27 2 $15
  Macoun M9 1 $15
  Macoun M7 2 $15
Apple Maiden’s Blush M9 1 $15
Apple Pink Delight Nic 29 1 $15
Apple Pink Parfait Nic 29 1 $15
  Pink Parfait M27 1 $15
Apple Pink Pearl M27 3 $15
  Pink Pearl M26 2 $15
Apple Pixie Crunch M9 1 $15
Apple Scarlet Surprise Nic 29 2 $15
Apple Seek No Further M7 2 $15
Apple Sekai Ichi Pajam 2 1 $15
Apple Sunrise M27 1 $15
Apple Tolman Sweet M26 1 $15




Please email orders to:


*payment is due at pick-up only (cash/check/money order) no credit cards accepted

* Orders will be filled on a “first come first serve” basis.


I will send out a confirmation/pick-up info once I receive/fill your order.

Pick-up is at the HOS arboretum in Oregon City.


We will schedule an appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 9-3pm.



Fruit Propagation Fair…***CANCELLED***

In response to Governor Brown’s announcement we are cancelling this weekends Fruit Propagation Fair.

Please stay safe, stay well.

Home Orchard Society

Registration is open for our Fruit Tree Pruning Intensive

Home Orchard Society Arboretum
January 26th, February 9th and 23rd
10am-2pm rain or shine!

Join Tonia Lordy, arboretum manager for 12 hours of individualized, side by side,

hands-on instruction in the art and science of fruit tree pruning.

This is a great opportunity for…

  • Homeowners who have a few fruit trees, but are still timid about pruning
  • Students who want to gain experience and build their resumes
  • Landscape professionals who want to increase their marketability
  • Certified arborists and tree-care workers who want to expand their knowledge too include proper techniques for fruit tree pruning

Topics we will cover: tool selection, basic pruning terminology, reasons for pruning, tree needs assessment, training systems, proper body mechanics, and safety.

Species we will cover: apples, pears, asian pears, kiwi, grapes, figs, persimmon, blueberries we will discuss stone fruit pruning as well but won’t be doing much work with them.

What you can expect…

  • An on-line introductory packet with some of my favorite learning materials, including links to instructional videos
  • A very small class so that each student has the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback
  • The skills and confidence necessary to get out there and start pruning!!!

Cost: $125 for Home Orchard Society Members or volunteers and CCC students; $150 for non-members

          Please email Tonia with questions or for a registration packet:

2019 All About Fruit Show!

Home Orchard Society’s famous annual fall tasting event, “The All About Fruit Show”, is for fruit enthusiasts of all ages!

See and taste hundreds of varieties of heirloom fruit from the Pacific Northwest including apples, pears, plums, grapes, kiwis, quince, and more. Home Orchard Society aims to help lots of folks launch into the pleasure of growing good fruit at home. If you love fruit or want to grow your own fruit trees, this is the place to be.

  • Free with entry – hundreds of varieties of fruit to see and taste!
  • The Apple Detectives will work to identify your unknown varieties. Please read about our ID guidelines
  • Large fruit contest! Door Prizes!
  • Speakers presenting on a diversity of fruit-growing topics (visit the website for the presentation schedule)
  • Cider pressing demos & tastings (fun for the whole family!)
  • HOS expert table to answer your fruit growing questions!
  • Plants and trees for purchase from HOS or One Green World or order a custom grafted tree through HOS Make-A-Tree program.
  • Plus … mason bee supplies, fruit socks, fruit tree growing publications, heirloom apples (limited quantity) & more for purchase!


– $5 for members (family $10)

– $7 for non-members (family $12)

– Free if you join HOS at this show!

If you would like to volunteer for the show, please contact us at Admission fee is waived for volunteers. You can choose your shift or volunteer for the day!




APRIL JAMISON is passionate about HOLISTIC FRUIT TREE CARE – and that is her career as owner of Garden Ecology. Her knowledge covers pruning, pest and disease management – as well as soil and water preservation and successful companion planting. Her insights will offer ground-work for beginner gardener/orchardists and suggest new opportunities for experienced “tillers of the soil”.


CASIMIR HOLESKI, HISTORICAL APPLES, EXPLORING FOR LOST FRUIT, this is his passion. He is a founder of Boundary County Orchard Restoration Project and owns a permaculture inspired nursery in Idaho. He will offer insight into the challenges of finding the remnants of old orchards in the “outback” of the Pacific Northwest. He is dedicated to a resurgence of interest in fruit culture and propagation.


JONATHAN BRANDT, RAINWATER AND GREYWATER RESOURCES. In 2011 he formed Portland Earth Care to teach and facilitate the natural resources that surround us. His focus is to guide and transform habitat into a healthy plant system, supporting humans and pollinators together. Jonathan is a certified greywater installer, who designs and installs systems in Oregon to save our natural habitat.


TODD MORRILL, THE CRAFT OF MAKING HARD CIDER AT HOME, which he has been doing for more than twenty years. He has developed the skills and techniques to turn apple juice into a wonderful home-brewed cider. His insights will help manage the beginners fears and allay possible catastrophes. Todd is a Director on the HOS Board, and is pleased to offer a fun adventure into home brewing.

Evening Harvest Walk -September 21st

This was such a popular and super fun event the last few year, we decided to do it again!  Here is what one of the previous  attendants had to say about the series:

This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to join Tonia, the arboretum manager, as she provided an guided tour of the orchard.   The three Harvest Walks were scheduled one Saturday evening in the months of July, August and September.    To keep the event intimate, Tonia kept the attendance to a maximum of 25 people, and each event was sold out (or close to it).  Most people signed up for all 3 events, and it was lovely to see the same faces months after month.
The Harvest Walk began with an amazing assortment of foods prepared by professional chefs (?) and (?).  They did an amazing job of incorporating the different fruits of the orchard in with their offerings.  Who would have imagined that grapes would go so well with focaccia bread, or that the pineapple guava petals (which taste like the “sweet tarts” candy) could be infused to flavor in cake?
Everyone enjoyed themselves getting to know each other while eating the amazing food.   I was so excited to be able to talk with others who shared my love of fruit trees.
Once everyone was finished eating, Tonia gathered the group and led us throughout the demonstration gardens and the orchard.  Walking through the orchard, Tonia talked about ripeness indicators, proper harvesting techniques, and answered all of our questions.   We were able to sample so many of the orchard’s different types of fruits including, but not limited to plums, blueberries, apples, pears, currants and grapes.   And because the orchard has so many different varieties of each of these fruits, many times we were able to sample and compare the varieties to understand the nuances and uniqueness of each.
At the end of the lively evening, each person was loaded down with an assortment of freshly picked fruit from the orchard to take home.
All in all, it was a wonderful, fun filled educational evening & I’m looking forward to attending the Harvest Walks next summer!
-Lori Miller


Join our arboretum manager, Tonia on an informal guided tour of our lovely demonstration gardens. We will talk about ripeness indicators, proper harvesting techniques, post harvest handling, and all sorts of other fruit growing related stuff as we leisurely stroll through the orchard tasting ripe and not so ripe fruit straight of the trees, shrubs, and vines that share their bounty with us each harvest season.

Non alcoholic beverages will be provided as well as a few homemade appetizers, crafted by HOS fan Sarah Smith, with seasonal fruits from around the orchard. Every attendant will go home with a small box of fruit.

Tickets are pre-sold only!  There are NO tickets available at the door.

Single Event (per person) $30 for non-members $25 for members


Contact Tonia for ticketing information:

What to include in your email: how many tickets you would like, are you a Home Orchard Society member?, the full name of everybody in your party, and whether you want the series or a single event.

You still have time to sign up for our Community Orchard or Community Supported Agriculture programs

Community Orchard Program

It is not too late to sign for our COP


*Free entry to all arboretum “workshops”

*Fresh fruit from our orchard during harvest season (June-November)

*Hands-on organic gardening and orcharding experience

*Exercise that benefits the mind and body

*Access to propagation material from many differing plant species

*Fresh medicinal and culinary herbs that are grown in the orchard

*New friends

You don’t have to live in Oregon City to participate!

Cost of participation: $75 per year plus 45 volunteer hours

For information contact:


Community Supported Agriculture Program

Want to help support the HOS and get fruit in return? Our 20 week CSA program runs from July through November.  Every week you will receive a box brimming with the best our orchard has to offer, ripened to perfection and dripping with sweetness.

At the HOS demonstration orchard in Oregon City we grow hundreds of heirloom and antique apple varieties, Asian and European pears, several varieties of blueberries, figs, grapes, kiwi, plums, persimmon, quince, and figs.  We value your health and the health of our soil and environment, thus we manage our orchard utilizing organic growing practices.

Tuesday or Saturday pick up at the HOS demonstration orchard in Oregon City.  Contact Tonia for more details:

Family 7-10lbs/week $350
Individual 3-5lbs/week $250
Juicing 10lbs grade 2/week $150
Homesteader 4 – 25lb boxes of #2’s (apples & pears) throughout the season $90

*must be paid in full

Cider Maker 1 – 25# boxes of our cider variety apples   *ungraded $20

*must be paid in full

Gift Baskets Custom made with our best fruits $35 and up

Spring Plant Sale May 11th



The Home Orchard Society has been sharing our love of backyard fruit growing for the last 40 + years.  We invite you to join in the fun and grow some fruit!

What’s available? …

-dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees (newly grafted): apple (30+ varieties!!!), European pear, Asian pear

-blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, thimbleberries, strawberries, currants, evergreen huckleberries

-plus lots of other odds and ends from around the orchard

CASH or CHECK only

Also joining us….

Our friends at Wild Oaks Nursery will be bringing a  nice selection of PNW native plants

Permaculture Rising is coming with lots of vegetable starts, medicinal/culinary herbs, and pollinator and wildlife friendly plants.

Long time HOS member and fan, Sarah Smith, makes unique jams and jellies from some of the more unusual fruits we run across…cornelian cherry jelly and Chinese hawthorn butter are a couple of our favorites!!! Come check out some of her Smiths Home Harvest Preserves.

and NEW this year…


Spring is a great time to get your tools sharpened for the season.  Our friends at 1 Sharptool Edge Service will be there with their mobile workshop to sharpen your tools while you shop and stroll the orchard.

*Bring your kitchen knives and garden tools and have them professionally sharpened (first come first served).

*Prices start at $6.25 for garden tools and $7.50 for kitchen knives.  Cash/check/card.  25% of fundraiser proceeds got to the HOME Orchard Society.

Kitchen knives, scissors, serrated knives, pruners, polaski tools, loppers, pocket knives, food chopper, shovel/hoe, machete, axe/hatchet, and mower blades ($6.25-$15)

The Arboretum is located on the CCC campus in Oregon City.  Once on campus follow the signs to the Environmental Learning Center or the Brown parking lot, both located off Inskeep Drive near the Beavercreek entrance to campus.


The Clackamas Community College campus closes for inclement weather.  If the campus is closed than the Home Orchard Society Arboretum will also be closed.  All workshops and activities will be cancelled for the day.  Please stay posted to your favorite news station for their school closing list.  CCC will also have an alert on the home page of their web-site:


If you have questions please contact our arboretum manager at 503-338-8479.