FREE Workshop- Grafting in the Summer

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Saturday, 8/3/2019
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

HOS Arboretum

You can learn how to “bud graft.” This summer method of grafting implants a bud from a favorite variety of apple or pear onto a rootstock, it over-winters and is ready to grow in the spring. If you missed out on the spring classes this is a great opportunity to learn a new technique.
This class is free of charge, a gift from HOS to the community and members alike. Bring a sharp knife and your hand pruners. Scions (budwood) can be taken from the trees in the Arboretum, and rootstock will be available for purchase ($4 members, $5 non-members)
Our expert grafters are happy to share their knowledge.

Bud grafting will be followed by an optional summer pruning demonstration.

There is no need to register for this class.  This class is FREE to all.

Follow the signs to the BROWN parking lot.