Coming to term with “weeds” in your orchard

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Saturday, 7/25/2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

HOS Arboretum

Weeds can be so overwhelming at times, but who are the real “bad” guys? who can I live with? who is actually a beneficial? and what about their medicinal qualities? I invited my friend Jeff Johnson of Rising Stone Farm & Herbals to spend an afternoon with us in the orchard and share some insight about some of these lesser known, lesser loved plants.

Jeff is a naturalist, technologist and lover of life. Early on his intrigue for life led him to an in-depth study in ayurvedics, meditation, and biodynamics. While at university Jeff’s study of biochemistry led him towards farming. He explores the boundaries between food and medicine, and sourcing foodstock from the wild. He seeks to correlate the structure, function and energetics of humans, plants, and soil physiology. Jeff is one of the Rising Stone Farm founders and is excited to see medicinal herbs become a more prominent aspect of the farm this season.

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