What am I buying?

You are purchasing an electronic document (not a printed, paper copy). You can read it on your computer, or print it out. To see what it will look like, download the sample pages from the book

What program do I use to open the books?

The books are in the PDF format which typically opens with Preview on Macs and Adobe Reader on PCs.  You can download Adobe Reader for free from the official site.

How do I pay for the book?

Payments are handled using PayPal. You can pay with most major credit cards, or from a PayPal account if you have one. The payment process is secure, and your private information is protected.

How large are the files to download?

The PDF files average about 200k, which will download in minutes even over a slow connection.

Are updates to the book included?

Not currently, but we are reviewing this policy.

Can I make copies and give them to my friends?

We ask that your friends buy their own copy of a book. Please do not distribute copies of these books without permission from HOS. We may be able to provide discounts for a large number of copies.

Where can I get a printed version of a book?

Most of these will be available as printed documents at major HOS Events. Ask at our publications table to see what is available.