Fruit Sox

Organic prevention of Apple Maggot and Codling Moth damage!

As my girlfriend was trying on shoes and I was doing my impersonation of a pink flamingo, standing on one leg then the other, I noticed something. She was putting on disposable nylon foot sox. I thought, if it could cover feet, why not an apple. More on the idea…

Results from the first year of testing and How to Use…

Fruit Sox with Surround®

Nylon Footies Without Surround® = No apple maggots but plenty of codling moths
Surround® + Nylon Footies = No codling moth infestation

More about improving coddling moth protection…


How to Purchase

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  • For Canadian shipping cost please contact:
  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Fruit Sox sales is an all volunteer effort.
  • We can’t guarantee results, Fruit Sox are on ongoing experiment.
  • Questions? Contact Us

We are currently out of stock and will resume fulfilling orders for fruit sox in January 2020.