General Maintenance, Gardens Good time to plant bare–root trees and plants if soil not frozen Good time to purchase winter flowering shrubs, Cornus mas (cornelian cherry), Mahonia bealei (leather–leaf Mahonia), Sasanqua camellias, Chimonanthus praecox (wintersweet), witchhazel, and Sycopsis sinensis Western Oregon – gather branches of quince, forsythia, flowering cherries, bring in for early bloom Add […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Good time to repair and build trellises, arbors and other plant supports Control lawn moss with ferric sulfate Need a soil test? Now is a good time, check out Soilfoodweb for organism counts, they are important for healthy soil Plant Specific Prune and train grapes in first week of February (will […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Plant cool season crops, lettuce, cabbage, onions, kale, chard, If soil is workable (i.e., form ball of soil in hand and drop, if it cracks open soil is workable) Avoid large-stemmed, more than 1/4 inch diameter, transplants, smaller seedling more likely to develop properly Be sure to rotate crops when planting […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens This month ends bare root planting season Don’t use organic mulches until soil has warmed (early July) Hang new bird nests Record last frost date Keep adding compost, while keeping pile moist, and covered Weed dandelions as they bloom, remove at least top 4 inches of root, less chance of root […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Wait until after May 15-20 to plant warm season crops and annuals Protect warm season crops with covers if temperature falls into low 40s (floating row covers, hot caps, cardboard boxes) Set out nesting boards for mason bees, drill holes 5/16th inch in diameter, as deep as drill bit (3-4 inches) […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Thin seedlings, so that leaves do not overlap, after final thinning root crops should be at least 4 inches apart Side dress leafy vegetables with blood meal, contains nitrogen for leaf growth Side dress root crops with wood ashes or seaweed, contains potassium (potash) for root growth Side dress flowering and […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Fertilize container plants often, with a slow release or organic fertilizer like fish fertilizer, recommend 25-50% strength Divide or move spring-flowering bulbs after their foliage has died back Prune spring-flowering shrubs if needed Keep compost pile moist during warm weather; add weeds, grass clippings and kitchen wastes Early morning is best […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Record harvest dates Root cuttings of broad–leaf evergreen shrubs Plant seeds of perennials, biennials and hardy annuals Black sooty mold (BSM) is often observed on all kinds of crops, it is a fungus that feeds on the “honey dew” droppings of sucking insects (scale, aphids, white fly, mealy bugs), to be […]


General Maintenance Of Gardens Slug patrol; as the fall rains start the slugs will appear, each one you get rid of now will prevent about 100 in the winter and 200+ by next spring, corrugated cardboard placed glue side down is a good concentrator of slugs, check daily, place slugs in container of soapy water, […]


Keep harvesting, watering if needed and cleaning up Collect and destroy fruit drops daily Rake up and compost leaves Plant, by broadcasting, winter cover crops in any empty space; reduces weeds by outgrowing, reduces soil erosion and compaction, adds organic matter, plant per 100 square feet, 3 lbs Austrian peas, or 3 lbs. Fava beans, […]


Harvest all fruit; do not leave mummies in trees Continue to rake and compost leaves Destroy all diseased fruit Cultivate around plums, cherries, and peaches to discourage brown rot Plant garlic for harvest next August Mulch around berries for winter protection Tie red raspberry canes to wires; prune to 1 foot above wire or wrap […]


Rhubarb clumps can be dug and divided, suggest once every 5 years Turn compost pile, cover to prevent leaching Apply dormant sprays during winter when dry and above freezing; use lime sulfur and oil, controls some diseases and insects of fruit trees and shrubs (will not control scab or brown rot on stone fruits) Lime […]