General Maintenance Of Gardens

  • Record harvest dates
  • Root cuttings of broad–leaf evergreen shrubs
  • Plant seeds of perennials, biennials and hardy annuals
  • Black sooty mold (BSM) is often observed on all kinds of crops, it is a fungus that feeds on the “honey dew” droppings of sucking insects (scale, aphids, white fly, mealy bugs), to be sure it is BSM, rub it off the leaf with your fingers and if the leaf is not damaged it is BSM, control sucking insects
  • Mildew time: with higher humidities of August and September nights, powdery mildew as well as several other leaf spot diseases will appear, mildew and leaf spots on Mahonia, Photinia, Holly, Skimmia, Pieris, Azalea, Lilac, Euonymus, Hydrangea, Maple, squash family and many others, control with sulfur or 1 T Baking soda and 2 T horticulture oil per gallon of water, test spray a few leaves before spraying whole plant, OR spray with compost tea
  • Check compost pile, may require watering, turn to prevent fly maggots, use yellow sticky boards for fly traps

Plant Specific

  • Plant seeds of turnips, beets, radishes for fall harvest
  • Before middle of August plant seeds of spinach, Chinese cabbage, collards, mustard greens, chard, and leaf lettuce
  • Lilies can be dug, separated, replanted after foliage turns yellow
  • After harvesting raspberries and blackberries from producing canes, prune old canes to ground and remove
  • Clean and fertilize strawberry beds

Fruit Tree, General

  • Summer prune the first week in August, if west of Cascades (WA, OR), cold climates do not summer prune
  • Pick up and destroy diseased, spoiled fruits and windfalls weekly
  • Start summer bud grafting
  • Water young trees
  • Start support for heavy branches
  • Scale insects: the best time to control is during the crawler stages, from late June, July and into August, spray with horticulture oil

Fruit Tree, Specific

  • Apple: keep up on apple maggot traps
  • Apple: keep up with codling moth traps, the second generation will appear near end of August
  • Summer apples should be picked as soon as ready, they do not store well
  • Pear: ‘Bartlett’ and early pears may be ready for harvest by end of August, harvest if yellow–green and seeds brown
  • Cherry: clean cherry fruit fly traps