How to Grow Large Fruit

Gene Evers won the Largest Fruit Contest at the 2002 All About Fruit Show. He grew a “Stark Jumbo” apple, with a circumference of 161/2 inches, weighing 2 pounds, 5 ounces.

Would you like to challenge Gene and win the Large Fruit Contest at the All About Fruit Show? Here are some hints on increasing fruit size.

Of course, some fruit are just genetically inclined to produce large fruit. Here is a partial list: “Stark Jumbo”, “Gloria Mundi”, “Buckley Giant”, “Coos River Beauty”, “Crimson Bramley”, “Crimson Peasgood”, “Hanner”, “Pierce Pasture”, “Rouville”, “Sekai Ichi,” Spigold”, “Virginia Beauty”, “Welsh Russet,” and “Wolf River,”

Leaves on a limb photosynthesize, making food for the plant. The photosynthate produced is stored in the stems, roots and fruit. The goal is to isolate the photosynthate from one branch to go to one fruit, thus the fruit will be much larger.

Girdle (remove a strip of bark) from one branch. The bark contains phloem, which transports food, therefore, if you remove the phloem from a branch the food has no place to go. Now, remove all, but one fruit from the branch. The leaves on this branch will produce food and the food will be stored in the only fruit on the branch, thus a giant fruit.

Hope you win the largest fruit contest.

Pome News, Spring 2003 Issue