Common Pears in the USA

You can easily become familiar with the many varieties of common pears available in the USA. Each one has a distinctive character, texture, and flavor. You’ll enjoy them more if you know what to expect from each kind. Try them all to find your favorites.

Bartlett and Red Bartlett
Available: July through December
Bell Shaped, ripens to bright yellow or red. Aromatic, perfect for fresh eating. Very sweet and juicy. Excellent for canning or cooking.

Green Anjou and Red Anjou:
Available: October through June
Abundant juice and sweet flavor when ripe. They do not change color as they ripen.

Available: August through April
An elongated shape with russet brown skin. Highly aromatic flavorful pear. Dense flesh makes it ideal for baking and cooking. They do not change color as they ripen.

Available: August through February (In good supply during Christmas Holidays)
Short neck and stem. Green-yellow, sometimes with a crimson blush. Almost no color change when ripe. One of the sweetest, juiciest varieties, and often very large. An elegant dessert pear that’s excellent with cheese.

Available: August through February
Tiny pears with ultra-sweet flavor, maroon and olive green in color. Excellent choice for children’s snacks, pickling, or as a garnish. No color change when ripened.

Available: September through February
A smaller bell-shaped variety. Turns bright yellow with crimson freckling when ripe. Sweet, very juicy.

Available: September through April
An all purpose pear, good for cooking or for fresh eating. Delicate flavor. Russeted with golden under-skin when ripe.

Other Reds:
Many new red varieties are now available with wonderful variations in color and flavor. Each variety has a distinct character and subtle differences.

Pome News, Fall 1998 Issue