Help HOS thrive, join a committee!

Choice Committee Assignments Now Available!
Help HOS and learn at the same time.   We’ve created new Committees to ensure our continued success and to better serve the home orchardist. Volunteer on one or more of these exciting Committees and enjoy making new friends and learning about growing fruit in our region!
Please let us know on which of the following Committees you’d be interested in serving. Send your reply and any questions to the person listed after each Committee description.

Communication with our members and the general public is essential to the success of HOS.  The Outreach Committee is responsible for creating the Pome News and other printed material.  It is also responsible for email communications, managing our email list and producing the website content and the HOS web forum.  This a great place to put your technical and writing skills to work.

Contact: Bob Hatton <bob[at]>

HOS needs to raise adequate funds to support the Arboretum and our many activities. The Fundraising Committee is tasked with setting fundraising goals and developing new strategies for increasing revenue. Grantwriting is one avenue this Committee will explore. Additional fundraising ideas include requesting direct donations, finding sponsors for events and organizing a silent auction at our major events.

Contact: Jim Gilbert <jgilbert[at]>


The Arboretum at Clackamas Community College is our permanent demonstration orchard.  A wonderful resource for members and the general public, it is a great place to see many fruit varieties, and it also offers the opportunity to learn about planting, pruning and other fruit growing techniques.  Arboretum Committee members will help the Arboretum Manager care for the plants and interact with visitors, and help determine future plans for the site.

Contact: Tonia Lordy <arboretum[at]>


Our most direct outreach efforts are the many events we sponsor.  The Fruit Propagation Fair and All About Fruit Show are unique and very popular, offering members and the public the opportunity to see and taste hundreds of varieties of fruit and get plants and scions for grafting.  The Events Committee is responsible for organizing these and other activities and helping attendees enjoy all that HOS has to offer.

Contact: Jafar Jefferson <jafarj[at]>