We had a great time at the 2018 Fruit Propagation Fair!  Thanks to all of you who came out and supported the Home Orchard Society.

Of course none of our events happen without the support of our dedicated volunteers, our committed board members and the vision and leadership of our wonderful board President, Joanie Cooper who works tirelessly to help the HOS fulfill it’s mission of sharing all of this fruit growing stuff with all of you.  Every year our volunteers and board members put in hundreds of hours to bring these events to our fans and friends.  Preparations for the Fruit Propagation Fair start in January with scion collection.  We travel to multiple orchards throughout the PNW collecting propagation materials to share.  As  you can probably imagine,  an event such as this requires much time and effort.  It took 35 volunteers (112 hours) to set up tables, table cloths, place the buckets, fill with water, sort and set out all of the scions and place their name tags.  On Sunday, the day of the event, we had 88 volunteers fulfill 409 hours of work, a truly amazing, and worthwhile group effort!

Thank you to all those involved!!!


We do have some rootstock left-over from our event.  This rootstock is available for purchase from the Home Orchard Society Arboretum in Oregon City.  We are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9-3pm.  This is a first come first serve deal, if you are looking for a large quantity, please call ahead to check inventory and reserve 503-338-8479.

We are offering a special price on rootstock!

non-member price: $4, member price: $3


Apple: nic 29, m26, bud 9, m27, m9, m7

Pear: ohxf 333, ohxf 87, quince (compatible with MOST pear)

Persimmon: d. virginiana

Stone fruit: St Julian A, marianna 2624, marianna gf8-1, myrobalan